Review of PiggyPop Online Slot

Review of PiggyPop Online Slot

In the PiggyPop slot machine, filthy wealthy pigs are featured over 6 reels and a growing number of rows. It was designed by Avatar UX for Yggdrasil using a PopWins system that offers up to 524,288 chances to win. In this bonus, completing all rows will unleash an endless amount of free spins with an ever-increasing win multiplier, and you may win up to 10,690 times your wager.

PiggyPop is a volatile desktop and mobile game with average returns of 95.5 percent. Meet the cartoon pigs at the finest Yggdrasil sites and trott your way to large winnings.

Playing the PiggyPop Slot

The PiggyPop slot machine has a variety of cartoon pigs wearing fashionable attire, as well as a golden bonus pig wearing sunglasses. They share the reels with drinks, fancy fragrances, and gold playing card symbols, and the game is housed in a purple-hued bank vault that is guarded by a statue of a big pig. A vibrant piano melody complements the 1920s aesthetic of the characters and provides another pleasant gaming level.

This cartoon universe is accessible on PCs, Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices. Style and functionality are same across desktop and mobile devices, as are the user-friendly controls. At the best online slots sites, you may place wagers ranging from $0.20 to $100 by clicking the Stake button and selecting a level that fits your budget.

Other buttons include the blue arrows in a circle that start the reels spinning in Auto mode and the 3 lines that lead to the paytable, which are located at the bottom of the screen. This section describes how the PopWins system works and how much you earn when the same symbol lands in a continuous sequence on three or more reels. Depending on how many reels the golden pig falls on, he awards between 0.60x and 3x your wager.

Free Spins & Additional PiggyPop Slot Functions

The PopWins system is crucial to the gameplay of PiggyPop, and it operates as follows. Any symbols comprising a winning combination will “pop” and be replaced with two symbols, one stacked on top of the other. This has the effect of expanding the number of chances to win, and if the new combination results in another win, the PopWins mechanism is repeated with more symbols and even more opportunities to win.

In the base games, you may stretch the reels from the standard 4 rows to a maximum of 6, but on a losing spin, they revert to the standard 4 rows. Once the reels are completely enlarged, the PiggyPop slot machine’s free spins bonus round is activated.

During bonus games, there are a few extra elements that make it simpler to accumulate large winnings. You may initially spin a gamble wheel to boost the beginning number of rows to 5 or 6, but be cautious, since you will lose all of your free spins if the gamble is unsuccessful.

On any free spins victory, the reels do not completely reset at the conclusion of a sequence of PopWins, but instead reset to the lowest visible symbol. There is also a win multiplier that increases by 1x with each free game, while golden pigs double their values by the number of instances on the reels. In addition, the reels may now stretch to a maximum of 8 rows, and golden pig symbols will quadruple their multipliers once they are completely unlocked.

PiggyPop Slot Maximum Wins, Average Returns, and Volatility Bonus round wins may reach a massive 10,690x the wager, or a life-changing 1,069,000.00 if the maximum bet of 100.00 was placed on the spin that triggered the feature. PiggyPop is one of the most volatile slot games, so you won’t win on every spin, but the payouts may be pretty generous.

The total payout rate is 95.5%, which is somewhat lower than many other extremely volatile slots, which often provide payouts of 96 percent or more.

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